Conforming to ISO9001-2000 Certified Standards

In 2000, we implemented ISO with "BDO Dunwoody" allowing our organization to examine and document our processes, highlight areas that needed improvement, and improve upon them and by pinpointing opportunities to reduce operating costs. Later that same year, we achieved our goal of becoming ISO certified, regularly audited by QMI. For two years we maintained that basic service level until in 2002 we saw a need to improve to the highest ISO9001-2000 certification that a forwarding company can achieve. We obtained our ISO9001-2000 certification number 010270 within the year, and maintained this valuable rating in order to confirm our commitment to our client's service needs. Although BDO divested themselves of the ISO maintenance that verifies conformity, the Innivity Marketing Group continued this managerial task. Today, we continue to conform to those same strict ISO9001-2000 certified standards by delivering consistent quality services, seeking to offer process improvements and efficiencies, and proving to our customers and potential customers that we are serious about competing evenly with the largest competitors in our business ethics, rates, services,  interrelationships, and processes. Our employees feel strongly committed to maintaining and to continuously improving upon the standards of quality that ISO have indoctrinated into us. Our teem takes greater ownership of service quality, and they put forth an extra effort to meet or exceed quality goals.

If your company uses your ISO as a screening device, please do know that we wish to be included on your "Approved Vendor's List" as a company to be trusted for competitive quotations, and service.


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