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Dangerous Goods Certificate (pdf, 211Kb)
It is illegal for Musson International to complete or help you complete this form; therefore, for the line to accept your certificate, you have recently passed a dangerous goods course in the preparation of this certificate. Know that both airlines and steamship lines will refuse to carry your freight if you failed to complete this form correctly. 

This utility requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - get it free HERE.

Documents created using this service and that are sent to MUSSON INTERNATIONAL Freight Fwdrs - LA, LLC., are matched against known pending shipments only. Prior to filling in these documents, please contact us to advise what the size and weight of the shipment is, the origin, and destination. Once we make you aware of the shipping details (based on your verbal/written information), your documentation will be more complete, and we will know what shipment that you are sending us details against.

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